Western Kurtis 

- For The Modern Indian Girls & Woman

 Break clothing barriers by mixing western fabrics with traditional Kurta silhouette with these Western Kurtis. You no longer have to pick a side. 

Key Benefits Of Anveshana's Kurtis

Multifaceted nature- Gets you ready for all sorts of situations, be it festivals, parties, work or a casual day out. 

More Design

- Upto 42% Off On Each Product

Endless opportunities

Reap the benefits of this heterogeneous style while feeling super cosy in our high-quality materials.


Space for several mixing and matching opportunities with the accessories you own.


 The fusion of styles is guaranteed to make you stand out.


Bring out who you are, by telling us exactly how you’d like your Western kurtis to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Everyday Casual Wear Sorted

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Ocean Blue Striped Collared Kurta

The right kind of kurtis can even be perfect for casual or professional daily wear. Anveshana’s Ocean Blue Striped Collared Kurti is an example of such a garment. This long kurti has many unique aspects that gell well together. Its classy collar, along with the stripes of ocean blue make for a very sophisticated appearance. It has buttons that are concealed, for a more sleek look. Made of 100% cotton, along with its flowy design, you are bound to be in a good mood to go about your day while wearing this piece. This kurti pattern is so versatile that you could pull it off as a Western Kurti as well as a traditional one depending on the accessories you pair it with. Go ahead and grab your very own kurti,

Material: Cotton

Design: Striped

Pattern: Collared Neck, concealed buttons


Due to varying monitor resolutions and screen display, there is a slightest possibility that the actual colour of the product may vary compared to what is seen on the screen.

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What Our Customer Says

 I would always struggle to pick my outfit for work, and get late in the process. My western wear wasn’t appropriate enough, and my traditional wear was too formal! Anveshana’s Western kurtis helped me find the perfect middle ground, and now I always reach work on time. 

- Sushmita Vignesh

As someone who adores western and traditional wear, Anveshana’s Western kurtis are a godsend. I love how they have incorporated my favourite things into one piece of clothing! On top of that, they support ethical work conditions, and I think that is a very important step. 

- Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan

I will never forget the time I wore Anveshana’s Western kurti to a friend's casual party, many heads did turn! Several people asked me where I got it from, owing to its stylish and unique nature. They weren’t able to pinpoint if it was a kurti or a dress. I totally recommend them if you are looking to make a style statement.

- Sandhiya GC

I was never able to find kurtis that were short enough for my liking, almost like shirts. Anveshana helped me do that with their tunic style kurtis, tailored to fit me perfectly. They have a world-class stitch quality that I have never come across before. Now I am able to feel comfortable and confident in my kurti collection.

- Natasha Arthika

What our other customers feel about us

About the founders + Story of the brand:

The founders are a young couple - Sandheep, a passionate marketing professional, and Akhshitha, a talented designer who has a zeal for creating clothing that steals hearts.

Together, they wanted to provide to people the products that they have always longed for, but never found; thus giving birth to the name ‘Anveshana’, which means “to make a discovery”. They turned their unfulfilled wishes of finding the products they needed the most into their mission of creating them from scratch and setting trends.

According to them, Anveshana is not in the clothing business, but is in the business of fulfilling their customer’s wishes, and keeping them happy.

" One Outfit, Many Styles "

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