Summer Sale - Flat 15% OFF Use Code : SUMMER15

Summer Sale - Flat 15% OFF Use Code : SUMMER15

Cross Roads Maternity Wear

₹ 1,950 ₹ 2,950


We believe in minimalistic and elegant maternity wear. Our floor-length, striped maternity gown is a very good example in this category. Its simplicity is what is the best thing about the look; made to enhance the sophistication in you. The gown’s stripes are arranged in a perpendicular fashion in different areas of the gown, making it slightly abstract. Its elbow-length sleeves and long and airy design makes for a very comfortable experience. Thus, this outfit is perfect for your daily wear as well as a maternity photoshoot dress. Get the best, natural shots for you and your child to look back at later. On the plus side, its buttons also make your breastfeeding experience easier. We’re open to customising the piece the way you like it, so go ahead and let us know.

Material: Cotton

Pattern: Horizontal - Vertical aligned pattern with coconut shell buttons


This product is made to order and the order processing time is between 7 to 12 working days. Depending on your location, the delivery time varies between 2 to 4 working days. If you need any further customizations, you can get in touch with our designer on WhatsApp. Depending on the complexity of the customizations, it may or may not be charged accordingly. Due to varying monitor resolutions and screen display, there is a slightest possibility that the actual colour of the product may vary compared to what is seen on the screen.

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