If You're Dressing Differently from Loved Ones, You're Missing Out

Do you ever wake up with an intense feeling of wanting to showcase your love

for someone, but you just don’t know how? Maybe you have a newborn baby

whom you have been obsessing over (rightfully so), or you just started a new relationship, perhaps even revived an old friendship. And all you can think about is professing your love for them to several people, maybe even random folks on the street. Well, there’s actually a way to do this, in a more subtle manner, and it’s by twinning. This trend has been quite popular for the past few years, and it’s here to stay. 

So, what does twinning mean? It’s a simple concept, where two or more people decide to wear the same outfits, or similar variations of them. But the intention behind it has to be one of the most heart-warming ones to exist. Let’s talk about what makes this trend so special. How did it begin? Even though twinning might look like it’s been around only for the recent past, in reality, it has its origins rooted somewhere around the 1900s. Mother-daughter outfit twinning was a big deal back then, for the exact same reason; to show the world the bond and love shared between them. A representation that, this is my child, I am her mother, and our clothes are just one of the many aspects that make us one. This style has evolved since then, into something that is not only meant for mothers and daughters. Twinning outfits for father and son? Yes, that has been accepted. Twinning outfits for sisters? Yes, you guessed right, that too. What about couples? Is it acceptable for BFFs to twin? Yes, and yes. This fad has left no one behind, and that’s why there’s plenty of room to hop on the bandwagon. 

Gone are the days when you would try to dress differently from your loved ones on special occasions. Today, it’s cute. Correction, it’s iconic. You might have noticed that almost every celebrity resorts to twinning, be it at a public event or a soirée. Reality television star Kim Kardashian West and her children, supermodel BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, music industry royalty Beyoncé and Jay Z, and even Bollywood sisters Kareena and Karishma Kapoor; you name it. The crème de la crème of big shots have done it, and they keep doing it. The fact of the matter is, any pictures of their twinning escapades garner a lot of attention. Just by virtue of the fact that, well, they are incredibly adorable. 

Now, you must be wondering, how is there room for so many cute twinning outfit opportunities? That’s because the magic of twinning isn’t limited to the exact same outfit. There are so many ways to execute it. Some of them being wearing different outfits of the same colour, interchanging colours of the top and bottom of the outfits, wearing the same outfit but accessorising differently, or even wearing the same fabrics with different designs. As you can see, there are several ways to dress in tandem with someone, with a whole lot of space for creativity. 

With such variety, rest assured, you can show off your closest ones at any event, anniversary, party, or even on a random day! Twinning can even be a whole theme for a party. Think about it, everyone loves a cute group photo where people are dressed almost the same, if not entirely. Nothing screams, “We’re the closest bunch!” more than this. There is no rule book to this craze; it’s all about how you want to connect with your special people. So, go ahead and start hunting for the right clothes! Check out our family, festive, party and couple twinning collections to get your exciting journey started.