Something you own, something that's a part of you. 

Anveshana is more than your clothes, it’s more than something to drape. We know you are able to connect with Anveshana, let’s now go down the memory lane of why? 

Anveshana is the brainchild of the couple Sandheep and Akshitha, from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It all began on a fine day when Akshitha wanted to customize a particular piece of clothing but the readymade concept constrained her from doing so. She realized that even taking a fabric and getting it stitched was not the feasible option, as it proved to be either way too costly or not comparable to readymade products. A designer like Akshitha could not agree for something that is made in bulk and without any uniqueness. There came Anveshana, dissolving the impossibility of customizing readymade clothes and making them personalized for every individual out there.

How things changed for us, compliments what we do. We began with casual wear and are evolving by taking customizable ensembles for the auspicious moments of different families.

We believe fashion is for everyone and the monetary gap should not deprive the dream of wearing designer clothes. Therefore, we aim at providing affordable personalized attires with a high level of attention in perfection. The philosophy of Anveshana is selling happiness in the form of personalized clothing. As said by the couple,’ We prioritize our customers.’

WE hope to continue to bring a difference to your wardrobe and fill that with happiness in the parameters of versatile fabrics, high-quality, personalized designs, and latest trends, along with a twist of culture and traditions.