Pls note that the rent varies subject to your location and includes 18% GST.




Shipping is extra and it varies from location to location and also the product size. Shipping throughout India takes 2-3 days.



We take precautions in dry cleaning every single garment after an usage so you can be assured of hygiene from us.


Pls mention us the exact event date so we will accordingly ship the product on time. After the usage, you must immediately ship back the product and depending on the location we shall intimate you by when it must be back in our location.


Size fitting

the product with us is a free size and if you tell us the size, we can fit it as per your requirements.


Pls record a video of the opening of the package and product and thoroughly inspect if there’s any damages and while packing, kindly record another video showing as much details as possible. While receiving the product, we shall record a video of the package and thoroughly inspect. If there are any damages, we shall show you the proof and any necessary costs shall be deducted from the caution deposit.