How Do You Make Your Child's First Birthday Truly Memorable?

Your child will grow up and thank you for being this cool.

It’s finally time- your child is all grown up! Well, not quite yet, but they are actually a whole year old now! You have no idea how time passed by, and you really want to capture this day to the best possible extent. A party needs to happen, that’s obvious. But what kind of party? And what can you do to stand out from all the other cliché first birthday party ideas out there?

Some would say that the way first birthday parties are executed is very crucial. This is because, your child is obviously not going to remember it, so the pictures and videos will have to speak for themselves. Planning this celebration can be challenging because it has to be the perfect mix of you, your child and the guests having a fun time! What happens during first birthday parties is usually chaotic. Either the birthday girl or boy is not having fun and has become cranky, or the guests are bored and the parents are stressed out. This is not the best-case scenario when you want the first birthday for your baby girl or boy to be special and wholesome. You get to celebrate your child turning one, only once. Here are some elements to include in the celebration to ensure that your one-year-old to be’s party is the talk of the town.

  • Notice your infant’s obsessions and plan a fun colour or cartoon themed party
  • Bubbles! People of all ages love bubbles. Make sure there’s plenty to pop throughout the party
  • A finger painting party is another innovative way to be amused with colours. Let the child in you and your guests, and the actual children around you have a lot of fun
  • Ball pits. Do we even need to say more?
  • Last but not the least, a cake smash celebration. This new trend has taken first birthdays to another level; even BBC has spoken about it. 

Cake smash parties are exactly what they sound like. A cake is destroyed in the most adorable way possible. You get to pick a beautiful first birthday cake design, and your tiny tot gets to do whatever they want with it. Pounding, smashing and even eating the cake; for once your infant has the freedom of living their dream of doing whatever they want. It can even be a very entertaining way to introduce your baby to their first real taste of sugar. This particular cake can be made to smash. In other words, you can make sure that this cake is soft enough, so preferably avoid fondant cakes. And it goes without saying that you can get a separate delicious cake to satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings as well. The whole purpose behind this craze (aside from getting to watch your baby have the best time ever on their special day), is getting a professional photographer to capture this beautiful mess! This is one of the main reasons that this trend is doing so well, because it serves as a fun activity for your baby to indulge in, for you and your guests to watch, and for you and your child to look back at years later all thanks to the pictures! Everyone loves sharing their childhood photographs, imagine how fun this would be for your child. 

Now that you know about this must-try fad, there’s another thing that your birthday baby needs. An adorable first birthday outfit, of course! Here’s another element that your child won’t remember, but will want to show off through their fancy first birthday photoshoot once they’re older. If you’re wondering what kind of outfits a baby could possibly wear while getting their hands dirty on their birthday cake, we’re here to help. These cake smash outfits are designed to look absolutely adorable on your baby, while complementing the mess, believe it or not. For baby girls, cake smash looks include boho rompers, lace and tulle dresses and even cute tutus, maybe even a flower crown. Baby boys can look dashing in a set of suspender shorts, with the addition of a dapper and endearing cap and bow. Here’s the best part- Anveshana clothing makes custom made cake smash outfits that are unique, and can be customised exactly the way you want them. Do you want your baby’s outfit to match the cake? Or do you want multiple outfits for before and after the cake smash to go with the theme of your party? We’ve got your back. We want your child’s special day, to be just as special for you to be a part of. Take a look at our collection to get a kick-start on the planning process.