The Self-made Sassy Solopreneurs

Women are incredible. They are multitaskers with immense skills and empathy. While being on the trail of becoming solopreneurs, it definitely gets difficult to keep up with the fashion. The eternal question of what to wear?! While being sassy and unapologetic in all decisions, at times it gets harder to keep up with the level of trend and we know you want to be that all-rounded boss lady. We have a team at Anveshana dedicated to work for the self-made women breaking barriers and emerging role models for the aspiring teenagers. 

A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.

When Vera Wanghas quoted this, she resonated with the million women who want to follow the fashion in native clothing. Being great at your job is essential but so is looking presentable and feeling comfortable. So for all you sassy amazing self-made women solopreneurs there, we have the fellow wonderful women excelling in their fields and fashion.

Let’s meet each of them.

Vithya Visvendra 

Vithya Visvendra

Vithya Visvendra, known as Vithya Hair and Makeup, born in Sri Lanka, is a UK Makeup Artist who has made a name for herself within the South Asian Community around the world. Vithya is an International Makeup Artist, Educator, YouTuber, Content Creator, and Mental Health Advocate; a Tamil Entrepreneur living between London and KL.

With over 13 years experience, Vithya has worked with Kollywood Celebrities, taught Masterclasses in over 20 cities around world, raised money for several charities, and is an advocate on mental health. 

Having amassed nearly 700K followers from all her social platforms, she uses her platform to teach, inspire, and educate. Forever fascinate

d by the world of color, art and fashion as a child, Vithya’s passion led her into the vibrant world of makeup where she learnt to master the art of creating the picture perfect blushing bride. This aspect of hers, brings her into the list of Sassy Solopreneurs at Anveshana. The sarees of Anveshana which highlights the vibrancy, confidence, and energy describes Vithya’s creative picturesque and the world of art she presents. Don’t forget to check her Mermaid Look in THE MAGIC DUSK & The Goddess Choice. 

The certain picks from our collection include THE PEACOCK DANCE, DESI CINDERELA, THE MAGIC DUSK, and PINK GALAXY. (You will have to check these feminine favoured picks on our site.)

We are here to let you flaunt the confident side of yours. Let’s get into the business with the six yards of beauty wrapped around you amalgamating the extra hour you put in the self-making journey.


Swati Jagdish

a sexuality health educator & lactation counselor. 

It all started with the birth of her child Maya & she has been into this field for more than 7 years now. 

She has been extremely passionate about breastfeeding since her child's birth & actively worked towards administering events, activities & workshops in our city's 'mother to mother' support group which eventually became an NGO- 'Coimbatore parenting network'. 

Counselling sessions with thousands of mothers in her group made her realise the need for tremendous support a new mother needs during postpartum. That inspired her to get into lactation counselling. 

It was during this time she got active on social media & started her online workshops to reach out to more people. This exposure, the experiences shared by people, & discussions on several aspects of parenting led her to believe there is nil awareness on sexuality among parents. Most of the issues we as adults face today, with self esteem, body image, abuse etc. are in some way related to lack of proper sex education. That's what led her to explore sexuality health & she takes online & offline classes on Age appropriate Comprehensive sex-ed. These classes led her to explore adult sexuality and relationships too today. 

She loves sharing her parenting experiences and opinions on social issues on my insta handle and she believes she has been able to create a community of like minded people who want to create a change in their own lives & the society at large.

Swati Jagdish

We know we have many similar amazing ladies out there outstanding taboos and spreading awareness. We also acknowledge that while being the social worker, you tend to forget about your priorities and self-care, there Anveshana comes. We know you deserve the best of both worlds. While you understand the setbacks of the society and emerge to work, we take care of how our self-made women take the world into hand.

We already have some fine picks for you. DELICATE DOTS, PASTEL PRINCESS, THE PINK GALAXY- are subtle stunning choices to take over the ground in the awaring oration. While you work towards the cause, we work on how you present yourself in the process.

Priyanka Nair 

Priyanka Nair

She is an influential Dancer(trained classical) and Performer.💫 She is a

Choreographer, Youtuber and Co-founder of @bollymadras. She has performed with Dhanush, Prabhudeva, etc.  Currently, she is working to break through and feels she got recognized among the audience through her channel. Don't miss her recent cover on OoAntava

She feels her aim is to travel around the globe and teach people. 

She vibrates confidence, and makes sure that people should consider dance as a respectable art-form. The modern sassiness she carries is to guide the young minds to let the people's opinion evaporate and be oneself by pleasing oneself. She has been through her personal challenges, and that makes her emerge as a stronger entity enlightening potential dancers.

Priyanka is the bold self-made woman who values art and creativity. She acknowledges this through her moves in her dance steps, and alleviates the hope in all the teenage girls imitating her steps in the mirror draped in their mothers’ sarees.

She creates the impact with her moves right away from college, that’s what resonates with the amazing women in Anveshana. They are expressive, influential, and self made entities. The sarees to flaunt the inner soul and outer skills have to be personalized and customized. We offer that at Anveshana. Choose any saree from AURORA PINK to SOMETHING FLORAL, everything can be pre-pleated as per your waist size and worn in less than a minute. These solid sarees highlight your solid confidence as you walk and they flow. You are as unique as your work- and we need to celebrate that.